How to sync google drive folder on mac

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How do I configure Google Drive to not sync everything to… Everything will sync to your Google Drive folder unless you choose to sync individual folders. To do this, click on the Google Drive icon in your computer’s taskbar or system tray, then select Preferences. Then check the box next to "Only sync some folders to this computer." Google Drive - How to Sync with a Local Folder on Desktop… How to sync Google Drive with a local folder on your desktop. A Simple Trick to Sync Multiple Google Drive... - Make

macos - Can I move the Google Drive folder to a different volume?

Upgrade Google Drive to Google Backup and Sync on Apple … If you use Google Drive on a Mac, here’s how to upgrade it to Google Backup and Sync. There are new features in the updated app that make theIf anything happens to the Mac, you can still access your files online using a web browser. That is only part of it and syncing files and folders between... Back up & sync files with Google Drive - Computer - … You can sync some or all your files and folders on your computer to Google Drive. On your computer, click Backup and Sync . Click More Preferences. At the right, click the folders you want to sync. To add a folder not on the list, click Choose folder. Sync Folders Anywhere on Mac with Dropbox, Google Drive How to Sync Any Folder Anywhere on Mac with Multiple Backup Services like Dropbox, Google Drive and More.I have clients for Dropbox and Google Drive installed so first I went with Dropbox. This will open up the Dropbox folder. Now you need to select the folder where you want the local files to sync.

If you use Google Drive on your Apple computer, here is how you can rename the Google Drive folder. Now if you ask me why would anyone want to rename their

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