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Identify a font by answering questions about key features: Do the characters have serifs? Serifs are spikes or slabs on the ends of the strokes.

Nowadays, there are quite a few free Optical Character Recognition software or image to word converter online. It is certain that you can find one easily.

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Find my Font searches our huge Online Font Database containing both Commercial and Free fonts. The PC edition also searches all your local fonts (installed or not) on your computer. It will identify any font whether you have it on your computer or not. Identify Font From Image: WhatFontIs - WhatFontIs is a free website to identify font from image. You can upload the image of the font, and WhatFontIs will show names of the fonts that look similar to that ... Free Edition Download - 'Find my Font' To see a comparison of the available editions (Free vs Pro vs Mobile) click here. Find my Font™ - FREE (version 3.3) An easy to use application for identifying fonts in bitmap images and matching them online and against fonts installed or located on your computer.

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How to identify fonts in pictures - CNET Jan 27, 2012 ... Learn how to quickly identify fonts found in your favorite pictures so you can use them too! ... Here's a good way to identify fonts in images for free. ... If the image is online, save it to your computer for the best/fastest results (or ... Identifont - Identify fonts by appearance, find fonts by name Identify fonts by appearance, find fonts by name, find picture or symbol fonts, find fonts by designer or publisher. Identify a Font - FontShop provides powerful browsing and searching tools, but sometimes this isn't enough. Let us do the digging for you. It's free. We gladly identify fonts ... LikeFont-Online identify font from image

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