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25 Sep 2013 ... do a barrel roll — Watch your screen spin out of control for a ... on a Nintendo controller). tilt — Make your search results page do just that.

Barrel roll - definition of barrel roll by The Free Dictionary Define barrel roll. barrel roll synonyms, barrel roll pronunciation, barrel roll translation, English dictionary definition of barrel roll. n. A flight maneuver in which an airplane makes a complete rotation on its longitudinal axis while… Vtípky pana Google. Zkuste vyhledat frázi „do a barrel roll I programátoři jsou jenom lidé se smyslem pro humor. Dokládá to další z tzv. velikonočních vajíček (Easter eggs). Po vepsání fráze do vyhledávače Googlu započne efekt, který byste asi nečekali. Google vychytávky, které pobaví od všedního dne… |… Že je Google občas nuda? Tak to v žádném případě! Vývojáři z Googlu si pro jeho uživatelé pravidelně... Do a Barrel Roll Google Trick or "Z or R Twice" - Gadgets…

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"Do A Barrel Roll" is a catchphrase used to call on someone to perform a 360 degree horizontal spin. The phrase is sometimes used to caption image macros where the subject appears to be in mid-rotation, or in animated GIFs where the subject is performing a full rotation.

One of the game's characters, Peppy Hare, would tell the player to Do a barrel roll with an on screen text display. Now you can do a barrel roll on Google - but that's not all. Google tilt or try ...

A character would command fox to do a barrel roll in order to prevent being shot to deadness. A barrel roll is when a fighter pilot makes his ship turn over, very quickly, in mid-air. It makes the wings harder to hit.

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